Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"A person can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm." - Charles Schwab

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Consultant Spotlight

Our consultant spotlight for March is Lezlie Nixon. Lezlie hosted a basket party for me in April of last year. She expressed interest at that time in being a Scentsy consultant but it was just not the right time. I would check in with her about once a month to see if she was still interested. Finally the time came and in July, 2009 Lezlie joined our Scentsy team!

It has been great having Lezlie on our team. She is always on the conference calls (remember those who show up, go up!) and she is quick to let me know of any Scentsy news she hears and is always positive! Lezlie was our top seller in February with $1,440.67 in sales. She currently has 8 consultants on her team and is a Star Consultant! I have asked Lezlie to share her secret to success with us and here is what she said:

" I stay excited about Scentsy! I talk to everyone about Scentsy as well as my husband does. I try my best to be available to my hostesses, other consultants, and also my online purchasers. I check with my hostesses mid week of receiving the baskets to see if I can lend any assistance. I would have to say key to my success is communication and availability." Lezlie Nixon

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ticket Game at a Home Party

Items needed- drawing tickets ( or pieces of paper ) and a basket to collect tickets in. You will also need 4-6 wrapped prizes in another basket.

Having a long roll of tickets in your hand makes then more eager to get more then their friends do!!
  • Everyone who gets a ticket puts their name on it ( last names if more then 2 of the same name such as Sue A. and Sue S.When your ready to start your party, give everyone a ticket when they arrive on time (or early)
  • Everyone who brought a friend gets a ticket
  • Tell the guests that anyone who asks a question about the party plan or merchandise receives another ticket
  • Guests who book a party receive a ticket
  • Everyone who wants to describe an item on display receives another ticket - Have them come up and demo the item and hand them a ticket
  • Everyone with an order form receives a ticket (* You passed them out at the beginning of the party so everyone should have one!)
  • Everyone who put their name, address, etc. on the order form gets a ticket
  • Everyone who books a party within 2 weeks get a ticket
At the end of the party get the ticket basket out and pull out 3 names. Let those 3 people get a gift from the basket and put basket away. Then call out the rest of the names and they get to take the gift from someone holding a wrapped gift. ( People will try to hide them!)go through all the tickets and the last 3 get to keep the prize!* Everyone saw your basket had more then 3 gifts in it. So offer them to anyone who books a party! You may choose to give them the gift now or put their name on it and give it to them at their party!

Monday, March 1, 2010

10 New Consulants in February!

Welcome to our team! We have 10 new consultants on our team this month.

Janine Atchley sponsored by Rita Moore
Angel Gutierrez sponsored by Luisa Kinsey
Vannessa Rodriguez sponsored by Mercedes Cortez
Tammy Wells sponsored by Kim Baber
Leila Vazquez sponosored by Toni Evans
Lanitra Rabb sponsored by Toni Evans
Margie Earp sponsored by Deborah Koch
Wendy Suhn sponsored by Amber Gee
Corey Jacobs sponsored by Amber Gee
Greta Mcgee sponsored by Amber Gee

Congratulations to Kim Baber for recruiting our 40th consultant!!

February Monthly Prizes...

$1000 in PSV – Scentsy Mouse Pad
$2000 in PSV – New Scentsy “ I Heart Scentsy Wickless.” T-shirt
$3000 in PSV – Basket Tester “Favorite’s” Set
High Sales - $10 Scentsy Success Gift Card
Most Recruits - $10 Scentsy Success Gift Card

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Most Altruistic Shopping Spree Ever

Scents shares it's success to support small businesses.

This is an awesome article! What a great company we are a part of!!! Click on the link to read the entire story featured on Entrepreneur.com.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Challenge!

We have 39 consultants on our team. Currently we only have 11 "blog followers"! I challenge each of you to become a follower. If you have sponsored consultants, I challenge you to encourage each of them to follow the blog. For those of you who have started your team, if you can get 100% participation from them in following the blog, You win a prize!